MY Pursuit

Ever since I have seen Will Smith inarticulate with happiness in the last scene of the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness", I always wondered, about this feeling being sensed within me. Luckily for me, I was through with this emotion.
It was the result of trimester VI at my college [MPSTME, NMIMS]. I was an average student until then; my CGPA being around 2.6/4. But sometimes, some realization gives us a new direction. The same was the case with me. Ever since I realized that I need a minimum of 3 CGPA to pursue my higher studies, I knew I had to get a 3.3 GPA every trimester going forward and also, another reason being, my guilt of not performing well. Nothing else was different in the trimester as compared to the last 5 trimesters, except for my perception. It was a different kind of motivation for me. I attended lectures regularly, I took the learning process seriously, gave all the internal tests fully prepared, etc. It was then I realized that it was not difficult as I used to think it would be. Not only did my awakening supported me towards my goal, but also did my family and friends, in a very pertinent manner.  Also, in the course of this period, I scored 20/20 in an internal test, which was the first time ever since test 1 in MPSTME.
Finally, all of my efforts and prayers were inclined towards the achievement of a good GPA. I appeared for the exams, and all of them were excellent. 
I was informed by a friend that results are out. It takes me 1 hour to reach my college, from my house. That 1 hour, I was thinking about all the crazy things I had done to escape college in the first 5 trimesters, and the fact that by doing a little more than what I used to act, a satisfactory secured feeling of getting a good GPA was dominant within me. The difference, so small, pricked me.
I reached college. It was the moment then. I signed the acknowledgment sheet, and the mark sheet was in my hand. The moment I saw a 3.45 GPA, I felt a gush of excitement flowing through my veins. My hands were trembling, and I was speechless. Will Smith walking down the New York street, the facial gestures of my parents reacting to the score, my mark sheet, the whole trimester flashback, were being flashed in my mind, and the sense of achievement made my heartbeats faster.  
I started walking towards the bus stop. On Mumbai streets, I felt like I am the only one walking on the street. I felt silence within. Maybe this is what they call Pursuit of Happiness. Leastways it was the Pursuit of My Happiness. Although 3.45 was not an outstanding score, it was a very special score, which helped me in making a remarkable discovery about myself. I have scored 3.45 and 3.5 in the successive trimesters.
It's true that life teaches you. And it's indubitable that You are your Best Teacher.


  1. great work ghanshyam!!! i think u have gained the much needed momentum to excel..I am sure u'll achieve everything that u desire with this rocking attitude!! may be your story will be script of the sequel of the pursuit of happiness!!

  2. Hey i never had the feeling like you even when i got 3.7 n i even think that pulkit must not have felt that great when he got 3.95. Your description was so amazing that actually made me realize the happiness you got after scoring that gpa but then there are far more things left in your life to feel "happy" for, aim for that with same simplicity you have right now (while writing this story of yours) and i m sure u'll achieve that n then mention them like this one in your blog ;-)!!!

  3. Aakar_URL NAHI HAI _April 10, 2009 at 12:53 PM

    its great to have a Good CGPA ...but its not only the efforts pay u have to do something Extra .....and u have that xtra ....u njoi life and visit to Dahisar (Joke).......It great to have Good CGPA and your Future (US University ) depends on it .......

  4. i witnessed the change very closely ....and man the way you have described the last part of it is really know the last time i had such a feeling was way back in 7th standard...keep blogging

  5. this part of my called "hardwork"

  6. hey, hi ghanshyam....i also had the same feeling when i got 8.3 after a series of 6 & 7 pointers(on 10)...
    btw nice writing skills, i never knew you could write so well....
    Best of Luck....


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